Nestled within the heart of our coffee shop and maker/artisan market, you'll discover the enchanting "Kids Craft Corner" a dedicated space where young minds can unleash their imagination and create wonders. Designed as a haven for budding artists and crafters, this space is an extension of our commitment to fostering a welcoming atmosphere for families - and it is all for FREE.

A vibrant oasis with colorful decorations and playful elements that appeal to young ones. Adorned with whimsical wall decals, and interactive displays, the space exudes an air of creativity and adventure. Soft cushions and bean bags provide comfy seating, inviting kids to sit down and let their ideas flow.

Crafting Supplies Galore:
A curated selection of crafting supplies awaits every young visitor, ensuring that their creative visions come to life. From colored papers, markers, and crayons to glue, glitter, and a variety of embellishments, the crafting corner is stocked with everything needed to craft masterpieces.

Crafting Stations:
Different crafting stations are set up, each catering to a different artistic endeavor. Whether it's creating paper masks, decorating picture frames, or crafting paper plate animals, every child can explore a range of projects that reflect their interests and talents. The crafting stations are designed to be age-appropriate, allowing both toddlers and older children to engage in activities that suit their skills.

Guided Crafting Sessions:
Periodically, our staff hosts guided crafting sessions, where kids can follow along with step-by-step instructions to create a specific craft. These sessions encourage collaboration, learning, and the joy of creating something special with their own hands. It's a fantastic opportunity for kids to bond with their peers while discovering new crafting techniques.

Parent-Friendly Comfort:
While their children immerse themselves in creative pursuits, parents can enjoy a relaxing coffee or tea at nearby tables. Comfortable seating and a clear line of sight to the crafting corner ensure that parents can keep an eye on their little ones while savoring their beverage.

Community and Connections:
The Kids Craft Corner doesn't just nurture creativity—it also fosters a sense of community. Children from different backgrounds can interact, share ideas, and celebrate each other's creations, forming connections that extend beyond the crafting corner.

Donate Crafts

Needing YOUR help! We have a fully dedicated room as a FREE creative, crafting, imaginitive space for kids! Do you have any instruments/books/crafts kicking around that you want to donate?


What We Need

  • *book shelf
  • storagebins
  • paper
  • markers/crayons
  • pull out storage system
  • kids table*kids chairs
  • string - buttons - ribbons - scissors - paint - paint brushes *musical instruments*books - coloring books
  • peg boards
  • lego
  • anything everythings that is craft/art related or gives me the ability to store and display items!Thank you so much n advance!