The Space

FIRST FLOOR: The main floor consists of a coffee bar, sitting area and shopping sections.

SECOND FLOOR: We have our photography branding room that has full window light, sitting area a toddler room and art room. We use the second floor for workshops as well.

THIRD FLOOR: Our Loft is located here and It is a large open space with original flooring and white walls. In the storage areas we have out photography equipment and workshop tables and chairs. The loft is furnished with a couch, rugs, side tables, plants and more! Click a booking option to fully read about what is offered.

Event Space Rental

You can rent our entire space for events and gatherings. For certain events we do close our doors to the public during business hours. We allow catering and full use of all 3 floors. Some events we have held are book launches, bridal parties getting ready, book club, baby showers, intimate weddings, mothers group, craft nights and more. For pricing please send us an email with all of the details of your event or gathering.


Our entire space can be rented after hours or before we open! This can be for Loft rentals, the branding room or the whole space! We can rent after hours for a one time event, workshop or repeat events like mom groups and book clubs. For pricing and more information please contact us.